Gaeilge 24

DaltaíónIdirbhliainagusmúinteoiríónRionnnaGaeilge took part in Gaeilge 24 on Tuesday 10th October 2020.   

This Irish language event organised by ConradhnaGaeilge, encourages young people to speak Gaeilge for an entire day: at school, at home, in shops and with family and friends.

Throughout the school day, students in CNI took part in several activities such as bingo, tráthnagceist, decoding seanfhocailcaintaguscomhrá and a seisiúnceoil to finish off the day.

It was lovely to hear our native language being spoken around the school and students really put in great effort to speak their cúplafocailBhaingachduinetaitneamh as an  - everyone enjoyed the event and it was a great success!


Gaeilge 25