DCU Survey on Impact of Covid 19 on Young People

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the play world(s), friendship groups and potentially the wellbeing of every teenager in the country. Playgrounds, creches, schools and sports clubs are closed, after school activities are cancelled and teenagers cannot meet and hang out with their friends as they used to. These are hugely significant changes in the day to day lives and routines of Irish teenagers.

To access the views, experiences and opinions of teenagers and their parents we have developed an online survey questionnaire on this issue and would be very grateful if you would consider promoting the link on your School website, Facebook page or the ‘Text to parents’ system so your students and their parents have the opportunity to express their views.

The survey can be accessed here

Ethical approval for this study has been given by DCU's Research Ethics Committee (DCUREC/2020/118) and the University of Turin, Bioethics Committee (Prot. No. 183243).