Ten Year Anniversary Gala Dinner

Thank you to all those that supported the event last Friday. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our successes over the past 10 years. LMETB Chief Executive Martin O’Brien spoke in particular about the relationships in CNI and the impact that has on the students and the community. Peter Kierans, former CE of LMETB, spoke about the setting up of the school and mentioned the first teachers, parents and daltai to take the leap of faith and work in a start-up school. Inion McCarrick spoke about the relationships also and the community and clan that has been built up in CNI. Our wonderful current and past pupils sang and played wonderful music on the night. 

The Parents’ Association presented the school with a piece of art by Julie Crone which will be on display soon. The formal part of the night finished with Aaron Finnegan who won an Irish Times Hennessy Literary Awards 2018 and wrote a piece about his experience in school. It was a thoughtful and still thought-provoking piece about his experience of CNI. 

Finally, the night ended with lots of chat with past pupils, some of whom are qualified nurses, personal trainers, student teachers… and much, much more! 

CNI Gala Night