Basketball is very popular in the Coláiste. The reason is because there is such great interest in the sport and its popularity really is growing in this school. Since the very start of the Coláiste, there has been great success in games and enthusiastic participation at training sessions. The players of each team of each year show brilliant team effort and each individual player has their own skill that makes them a good team player, whether it is great leadership, fitness, or even love for the game. A few teachers in this school also have great experience playing basketball professionally and they train their teams as hard as they can, even if it means breaking their voices as they shout so loudly at the players that they get under "no pressure" at all to get the "REBOUNDS REBOUNDS REBOUNDS!!". In terms of school games, there has been great success! Two years ago, the U16 basketball team had won the North-East Leinster League! As well as that, thre was also victory for the 2nd year boys who had won the same their leave the following year! Since then there has been many final and semifinal qualifiers but didn't get through to winning but for a young school they have been great achievements for the teams the Senior students are given the opportunity to coach basketball to the juniors and if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't even consider coaching professionally!

My experience of basketball at the Coláiste has been uplifting! Since first year, I've played basketball for the school and until the new school building and indoor court was built, training sessions were held on one small court outside! Of course with our average Irish weather, it wasn't easy to keep up but many players continued to attend every session and those players continued to play basketball until their last year! Playing the sport in this school really developed my confidence and I wouldn't be able to play as well as I am today if it wasn't for it, actually I wouldn't be working as hard in school if it wasn't for basketball in this school. I take every chance I get to simply enter our indoor court, even if it means stealing the entrance code! The court has such good quality that I think it would a big opportunity wasted if you didn't enter it! I came up with the idea of using this court for a local club and named it the East Coast Cavaliers! I wasn't exactly qualified to set it up but I knew someone else who agreed help to set it up and manage it. (If you have any interest please contact Laura Cullen or Niall Gavin or just like our Facebook page: East Coast Cavaliers Basketball)

1...2....3 COLÁISTE!!!

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